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Pug Life: A colourful tale of friendship and fashion from the creator of Honey I Dressed The Pug

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Up until now, the concept of ‘pug swag’ didn’t really exist. But Maitri Mody, creator of Honey I Dressed the Pug has changed that, propelling pug fashion into the mainstream dog media. Beautifully curated, the blog feels like an established magazine, full of colourful photographs taken around London – the blog’s backdrop – and it follows the life and times of Ari, a pug with true personality.

Honey I Dressed The Pug

The blog has become a lot more than a puppy platform. Maitri’s love of dogs started from a young age; growing up in Mumbai, she later moved to New York after she got married. Her neighbourhood in NYC was very dog friendly and “being surrounded by all this furry cuteness inspired my husband and I to consider getting a pup!”. It was when a friend sent her an advert with a litter of pug puppies that she met Ari. After visiting the breeder, she fell in love immediately and a four-legged legend was born.

Ari is the star of Honey I Dressed the Pug and, with Maitri’s guidance, has become a furry fashion icon. Although that doesn’t mean he behaves like a star – Maitri assures us he’s a lot more food obsessed than most other dogs, following anyone and everyone around the kitchen hopefully. Effortlessly photogenic, Ari has been photographed all around London now, perching on walls, flopping in parks and showcasing the very best of pup fashion.

Honey I Dressed The Pug

London is the blog’s other star. Maitri’s works with Margarita Karenko, a freelance lifestyle and fashion photographer she met last year, who beautifully captures the essence and style of the city, focusing on colour. Maitri’s background in fashion design comes sharply into focus as she conveys some of the very best of the capital city. Maitri has also started dabbling into photography herself, snapping Ari in the midst of bright mews, freshly mowed parks and fabulous street art. There’s a real traveller’s edge to the photography, which makes sense knowing Maitri. A keen traveller, Maitri and her husband have visited 22 countries in the last two years. “Travelling sort of opens your mind up to possibilities and new ideas,” she explains, “it inspires me to pursue my ideas and thoughts and build something unique.”

Honey I Dressed The Pug  Honey I Dressed The Pug

Ari often prompts Maitri’s inspirations. She recently began to promote and collaborate with animal rescue brands, becoming increasingly aware of her growing social presence and the blog’s potential power to involve and influence. “One becomes aware of the issues that animals face,” she says seriously, “and it makes you want to contribute in any way possible.”

When asked what she finds most rewarding about running Honey I Dressed the Pug, Maitri cites her readership and now loyal fan base. “I want to help or inspire people” she adds, “through my ideas and fashion suggestions.”

Stardom hasn’t gone to either heads of Maitri and Ari. A proper partnership that’s based on love and mutual admiration, blog or no blog, Ari is everything to Maitri. “Beyond anything he’s my friend,” she says, “a really special friend that will always be there for me, unconditionally.” And the future looks bright for Maitri, who is collaborating with more and more brands and is now focusing on the idea of developing her own line of dog accessories. She’s got the perfect model for them, after all. What a lucky pug.

Honey I Dressed The Pug

If you’re intrigued by Maitri and Ari’s work, head over to www.honeyidressedthepug.com.

In June 2017, Maitri and Ari launched their very own line of boho chic doggy accessories, Ari & M.

Imagery by Margarita Karenko

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