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Tips & Trends

Our guide for you and your pooch's life together, with an ear to the ground for paw-trends

Travel essentials for dogs

Travel essentials for a weekend away with your dog

Can’t face the grooming battle? Top dog grooming tips to make it a thing of the past

Simple steps to help keep your dog looking dapper

The Top 5 Dog-Friendly Foodie Hotels

It’s an age-old dilemma for food-loving pup parents. Is it possible to find a top-notch foodie esc...

A potted conversation on pet-friendly house plants

Today we’re chewing on the idea of pet-friendly house plants. While they’re a great way to bring...

Your Dog’s Winter Essentials for Home & Holiday

With the colder months drawing in, keeping pooch snug and warm is a top priority for all dog owners....

Dog-friendly shopping: What are your options?

There’s an unexpected item in the bagging area… it’s pup! While it’s true that the shopping ...

Top tips for walking your dog in the countryside

An easy to follow guide to ensure you and fido have fun and stay safe when exploring Britain's green and pleasant lands

Christmas gifts for dogs and dog lovers

Naughty or nice, sugar and spice, it’s time to decide whether your pup has made this year’s gift...

Our top tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this Bonfire Night

Fireworks Night can be a stressful time for our four-legged friends but there are a number of simple things you can do to make it less tense for all

How to help paws in need this Christmas

Many of us swing into the holiday season with the usual shopping checklists that’ll ensure the mag...

You will survive! 3 dog-friendly Christmas getaways for family & fido – plus something a little extra...

Brilliant dog-friendly Christmas destinations that’ll warm the cockles of every Scrooge out there

Happy holidogs! Our favourite festive pet-friendly adventures for you and fido

From winter wonderlands to afternoon tea there's so much to enjoy together this Christmas time

The UK's top 5 dog-friendly family escapes

Every dog owner knows that your pup is a part of the family. It can be difficult enough to find a ho...

Cornwall’s Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches

If you’re looking for the ideal place to soak up some sunshine and get your paws wet in the oc...

Don’t let fido be a hot dog this summer

Top tips for keeping your dog cool

Meet dog behaviourist, Oli Juste and create your dog’s safe space

Oli explains how to help your dog properly relax and be themselves wherever your travels take you both

Meet Christine Chau, Co-Founder of Charley Chau and hear her top tips for creating your pup's pawfect bed

Meet Christine and hear her top tips for creating your pup's pawfect bed

Underground or overground? Our guide to travelling in London with your dog

All your transport choices for capital canines explained

The UK's top five dog-friendly country house hotels

Tried and tested by pet-friendy guru, Rigby

Curious cats and travellers’ tails

We meet four capable cats taking a walk on the wild side

Caught off guard... Meet Gabriella, creator of Humble Brown and hear her top tips for taking your pup's pawfect picture

Gabriella shares her story and tips for photographing your dog

Office paw-litics

Why you should bring your dog to work

How to travel internationally with your dog

Your transport options for adventures abroad with your pooch

Five great ways to get fit with fido

Simple ways to leap into action together this spring

Cat Meets Baby

Top tips for introducing your new baby to your cat

The Great Dane: How hygge could enhance life for you and your pet

As hygge takes the world by storm, embrace it with your dog

Incoming Paws! Welcoming your new kitten

Top tips to help your fuzz ball settle into their new home

The secret life of cats

Your very own Jekyll and Hyde

It’s a cat’s (high tech) life

Top tech gadgets that are most definitely the cat's whiskers

Style tips from the #catsofinstagram

There’s a reason it’s called the catwalk and not the humanwalk. Cats exude a certain style that ...

Our essential guide to travelling with dogs

All your transport options around the UK explained

Your kitten's first steps into the great outdoors

Tips for you and your cat as they embark on adventures beyond the back door

An egg-citing Easter with fido

Great ways to have a ‘cracking’ time with your pooch

Top tech picks for fido

Don't miss the latest dog-friendly gizmo's, fit for all tailed techie's

Valentine’s Day with fido and felix

How to spend the pawfect day with fido and felix

Our top picks for a fuss-free weekend away with your dog this summer

Where to eat, sleep and play with your four-legged friend

Pug life: A colourful tale of friendship and fashion from the creator of Honey I Dressed The Pug

Hear how Maitri and Ari propelled the concept of ‘pug swag’ into the mainstream dog media

Fido’s festive five! Our top picks for your dog's Christmas gift

Get a big paws up this Christmas with these perfect presents

The dogi to your yogi: Meet Doga pioneer, Mahny and her paw-partner, Robbie

We met the creator of Doga, Mahny Djahanguiri who developed the concept of yoga for both dogs and their owners

The rise (and rise!) of pet-friendly venues

Specially designed doggy dinners, pet concierges and a super plush bed of course...

Dog Meets Baby, a great paw-shake

Our top tips to help your dog welcome the new addition to the family

Pups on tour

Top tips for you and your puppy's first trip out

Travellers’ tails - getting your pet's passport, made simple

Continental capers made easy with our essential guide

Top tips for welcoming your puppy to his new pad

Top tips for welcoming your puppy to his new pad

Style straight from the cat-walk for 2017

Our guide to what’s hot for fabulous felines

Getting out and about with your pooch is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Fear not, it is easier than ever for your pooch to be out and about with you. Find out more...

Introducing the UK’s furriest political divas, Gladstone, Larry and Palmerston

Meet the felines currently prowling the corridors of power

Santa Claws

Christmas gifts your cat just can’t wait to get its paws, and claws, on

What's hot for paws in 2017

Tips to transform your pooch into a stylish hot dog

Santa Paws: Christmas gifts your dog will love

Dogs love Christmas. The wrapping paper, the turkey sizzling slowly in the oven.