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All Four Paws meets Oli Juste

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With our mission to make sure every human and hound pairing is out and about enjoying superlative pet-friendly adventures together, we’re keen to help ensure outings are fun for all – even the most nervy amongst us. With that in mind, we’ve been off catching-up with one of our favourite pawtastic experts, Oli Juste – dog trainer and behaviourist extraordinaire.

Oli Juste dog trainer behaviourist safe space

We (Rigby included!) adore Oli’s friendly, approachable nature, and we are chomping at the bit to quiz Oli for his advice on making sure your pup gets the most out of his pet-friendly outings with you.

Oli is passionate about helping you communicate better with your dog, bonding with them through positive reinforcement, and helping them be comfortable in many different situations. A concept Oli is passionately spearheading to help your pooch in their pet-friendly lifestyle is creating a ‘safe space’ for them, where they feel completely secure, whether they’re a young pup or seasoned sniffer. As Oli explains, “having a safe space is essential for everyone…both human and hound. Everyone should have a single space, where they can properly relax and be themselves”. Well, we’re hooked!

To hear how we can all help our dogs find this safe space and, crucially, how our pets can always have this kind of space at hand – stay tuned. Oli’s advice will be out soon on All Four Paws, along with his top tips for travelling with your dog.

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