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Getting out and about with your pooch is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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A pang of guilt as you leave fido at home?

taking your dog out

Fear not, it is easier than ever for your pooch to be out and about with you. There are a multitude of things for you to do together, and let’s face it, all any four-legged friend wants is to be is by your side, so let’s give them their day, everyday. There is of course a whole inviting world of smells to keep even the most inquisitive nose ‘a sniffing’ while you’re out and about together too. With a little preparation you’ll be all set and whether it be the daily coffee run or a walk in the great outdoors, we’ve got all the tips and advice you need.

Keen to keep-up that mindfulness training? Take in some fresh air and blow those cobwebs away. Treat yourself to some Dubarry boots and head to the country with fido. If it is a bit nippy out, you might also want to spoil your dog with a cosy quilted Barbour jacket to match you own.

taking your dog out Dubarry

Brush up on your country code and be sure to stick to public footpaths as you ramble in the countryside together. An extendable lead is a good idea for areas you are unsure of so your pooch can have room to explore without being able to take off across the hills chasing that bird. A collapsible bowl is also sensible to keep in your pocket, along with a bottle of water so your four-legged friend can have a drink without needing to dive into a river to do so….or is that just Rigby, our spaniel muse, who insists that’s really the only way to do it!

What better way to spend a Sunday than a country walk and hearty pub lunch? There is many a pub where man’s best friend is more than welcome and pooches can be found in front of a cosy fire, with a bowl and treat at hand. For the lowdown on some of the best pet-friendly gastropubs in the UK, see our Eat pages (coming soon).

If fido has a liking for mud, remember to bring a dog towel to wipe those paws before venturing indoors…the proprietor is sure to remember your lovable pooch without them needing to leave a paw-stamp of approval. A cosy blanket or doggy sleeping bag are helpful to have at hand so your dog can chill out while you tuck into lunch, and will also help you show them the perfect spot to rest their paws. They might, very understandably, get jealous watching you enjoy a roast, so bring their dinner, or some tasty treats to keep them happy. Rigby would highly recommend some doggy jerky.

taking your dog out

Feel the need for a break away? Sumptuous hotels are embracing pet-friendly and there are many wonderful venues where your pooch will feel pampered as well as you, while you relax in blissful surroundings. If you are feeling a little more outdoorsy, luxury shepherds’ huts and yurts are springing up in some of our most beautiful countryside. They can be a wonderful getaway for both you and your dog without having to forgo your home comforts.

If you’re both motoring enthusiasts at heart, it’s easy to explore the furthest corners of this great land together; just remember to make sure to keep your furry friend safely strapped in with a doggy travel harness.

However, if jumping in the car doesn’t fill you with joy, you’ll be glad to hear that taking your dog on trains, buses and tubes is more straightforward than you might think. Up to two dogs are allowed on British trains and tubes per passenger, as long as they are on a lead or in a pet carrier. For longer journeys, taking fido’s favourite blanket to curl up on is a good idea, as well as their travel bowl, water and treats.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and about and create some wonderful memories with your most loyal friend.

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taking your dog out

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