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Ramsay’s dog-friendly delights!

We find out how the celebrity chef is pioneering gourmet dog-friendly dining experiences

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We often think of Gordon Ramsay as TV’s colourful culinary star, spending his time in the kitchen cooking up delicious delights. But for those not in the know, he’s a huge dog fan, and our four-legged friends are more than welcome at many of his London establishments. This is exciting news for us here at All Four Paws HQ. With the Gordon Ramsay Group undoubtedly offering some of the best dog-friendly dining experiences in the London, we were keen to delve deeper and find out more about the inspiration behind this pioneering pooch-focused initiative.

With a number of dog-friendly restaurants across town, from Battersea Park south of the river, to Regent’s Park to the north, and all the way to Limehouse, guests at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants are able to enjoy exquisite Modern British cuisine alongside their canine companion. But why dogs?

“The Ramsays absolutely love their dogs”, one of the group’s dedicated team members explains, “therefore Gordon felt it was important to have restaurants that welcome dogs so they can be included in the family’s time together – dogs are part of the family, too.”

Gordon Ramsay dog-friendly restaurants Bruno
Gordon Ramsay dog-friendly restaurants Rumpole










Ramsay’s love of dogs is clear; his own pooches, Bruno (a two-year-old cocker spaniel) and Rumpole (a nine-year-old British bulldog) often pop up on social media, and at his restaurants. The Ramsay Dogs recently enjoyed a meal out at both London House and Maze Grill Park Walk, with Bruno and Rumpole pulling their best poses on Instagram. The Ramsay’s are incredibly fond of taking their dogs out and including them in the dining experience – despite Bruno’s rather excitable reputation!

Pet-friendly is certainly taking off, with more and more venues across the UK now offering inclusive experiences for our four-legged friends. For Ramsay’s restaurants, the dog-friendly initiative means reaching out to new audience and creating a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere. The team at York & Albany, Gordon Ramsay’s regency townhouse hotel and restaurant in Camden, points out that there are certainly benefits to pioneering the dog-friendly trend: “The main benefit is that you develop a wider network of locals, and provide a warm and friendly environment for everyone. Ultimately, we want to be a neighbourhood destination for our guests.” York & Albany also plays host to two very special guests, Eddie and Zola (featured below), who are restaurant regulars. They come into York & Albany for coffee every morning and afternoon, and enjoy the Camden scenery while sitting quietly with a newspaper.

York and Albany pet-friendly restaurant Gordon Ramsay
Dogs aren’t just welcome at Ramsay’s neighbourhood restaurants, they are well and truly catered for, something that differentiates the Gordon Ramsay Group from many other dog-friendly eateries. At Maze Grill Park Walk, for example, guests’ dogs are greeted with water, a comfortable, dog-friendly table. Staff always remember the dog’s name, and will be eager to hand out mouthwatering treats to furry guests. Added extras and a bit of pet-pampering are certainly on the rise, and are something that will entice many a dog owner through the doors ahead of a visit to other establishments.

The team at London House in Battersea agrees, saying that their guests always prefer to eat, drink and socialise with their pups, especially in the summer months, and in hot weather. “It’s important that guests know that they can feel comfortable however long they stay. Many dog owners come in just for a quick drink or light bite, and they love that their pets can enjoy a quick snack with them too. We provide the biscuits.” Of course, every dog-friendly establishment will have its funny moments. Recently at Maze Grill Park Walk, a regular diner mentioned that it was his dog’s birthday, so staff provided a dog bowl with a celebratory drink. “The dog really appreciated it,” they laugh, “in fact, he drank it all!”

Gordon Ramsay dog-friendly restaurants

Not only are Ramsay’s restaurants more inclusive, which is especially prevalent on Sundays when guests feel they can take the whole family out for lunch, but word is definitely getting out about this first-class doggy dining experience. Feedback from guests, who come from far and wide as well as locally, is positive. There’s a real appreciation of the restaurants’ focus on dog-friendly – with dogs of all shapes and sizes welcomed with open arms – and knowing they can depend on their pooch being well-catered for is what makes local diners return to the venues again and again.

Fancy checking out the pup-friendly Gordon Ramsay experience? Head over to our Eat pages where you’ll find more information on each Ramsay restaurant, and book a date to dine with your dog. With plenty of locations to choose from, make a morning, an afternoon, or an evening, of it. Enjoy!

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