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How hygge could improve life for you and your pet

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There are many reasons to love hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). Conceptualised by the Danes, hygge roughly translates to ‘cosiness’ and ‘enjoying the simplicity of life’s pleasures’. Hygge is that moment you drag an extra blanket onto the sofa while watching a favourite film, dimming the lights while you cuddle up with a loved one, donning your fluffiest pair of socks to potter about the house in, or taking a nap. For the Danes, hygge illuminates the soul, and creates atmospheres so warm, comforting and cosy that we’re encouraged to focus only on the good. It’s about finding happiness in simplicity and slowing down your pace to appreciate the small things. Togetherness is an important part of hygge too, encouraging you to spend time with people and things you love; family, friends, and of course, pets. As a concept, it’s incredibly pet-friendly, so we love it!

hygge dog cat

There’s no doubt that hygge struck a chord and made cosiness ‘en vogue’ in 2016. With scandi-style and Danish designs creeping more and more into our fashion and interiors, and the rather ‘roller-coaster’ nature of the times, it felt like we were ready to embrace the comforting concept of hygge. This was especially the case as the nights drew in and Christmas approached.

Hygge is certainly a concept that accompanies (but is not restricted to) wintery weather. Embracing candlelight is very important, and creating atmospheres that help you to relax and recharge the soul. Spending time with your pet fits beautifully into the hygge model. One of its principals is finding value in the time spent with people around you and fostering feelings of ease and security, all of which also adds to your pet’s overall well-being.

Practising hygge at home with your pet is incredibly fulfilling; grab your cosiest pyjamas or loungewear, and take a break from technology by leaving laptops and phones well out of reach. Surround yourself with different and comfortable textures on the sofa, like felt covered cushions and blankets, make a steaming mug of hot chocolate, find your favourite show on Netflix, put some fluffy slippers on, and cuddle up with your pup or kitty. In summery weather it could simply mean finding the cosiest spot on the grass underneath a tree in the local park, listening to your favourite album and encouraging your pup to relax with you, letting the breeze ruffle their fur.

hygge dog cat

Importantly, hygge is about embracing what makes you and your pet comfortable. Pets can nestle under your covers, feel sleepy in your body heat and find total relaxation. For pets that are a bit nervous or jumpy, hygge offers multiple benefits: they learn to how to embrace calm knowing that you’re there for them. After all, they are always there for you.

hygge dog cat

Modern and contemporary, hygge offers not so much an escape from our increasingly fast way of life, but a way to incorporate cosiness and ‘time out’ in our every day. Tempted? Treat yourself and your pet and give it a whirl tonight.

Share your tails – we’d love to hear more about your favourite hygge moments with fido or felix. Share your pictures, comment below or drop us a line at [email protected]

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