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Introducing Rigby, owner of four cheeky paws

All Four Paws' pet-friendly guru

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We’re just back from wiping muddy paw prints, and droplets of puddle, from the All Four Paws HQ floor, while a rather large Cocker Spaniel-shaped shadow is seen lapping delightedly from his water bowl. We wanted to introduce our intrepid city pup, Rigby, who joins us out and about on All Four Paws business – offering his discerning nose, mischievous paws and exquisite taste – so we can discover and experience the very best in pet-friendly in the UK. Only the venues that get Rigby’s paw of approval get his special accreditation – look out for the symbol on our pet-friendly listings!

Rigby All Four Paws Cocker Spaniel pet-friendly guru

He’s just four years old, but Rigby’s got a lot under his collar already. Born in leafy Bury St Edmunds, but growing up in London, our special Spaniel seems to use much of his time mastering every trick in the butter-wouldn’t-melt book. Although sometimes a little cheeky when playing outside, Rigby really is good as gold. He loves anything that gets his tail wagging – which is a lot of things! – and once his tail starts going, it’s hard to believe he doesn’t take off into the air, as it whirls around like a fluffy propeller.

Rigby All Four Paws Cocker Spaniel pet-friendly guru

Despite his love for muddy puddles and cheekiness, Rigby is a discerning pooch. He insists on wiping his paws before he goes into restaurants, and has impeccable table manners, never spilling a drop of food. Though perhaps this is because he loves it so much, he couldn’t bear missing a morsel. Quite the man about town, Rigby is well-accustomed to London living, and always minds the gap on the underground, turning his curly head one way, and then the other, before hopping onto the tube, sitting precisely where the doors open and close. Such a good boy.

Most noticeable, and lovable, about Rigby is his good-natured cheerfulness. He can brighten even the darkest of Monday mornings, trotting up to you and asking for a hug, which he accepts gratefully (and asks for regularly!). He loves hugs so much that he even stamps his foot when he doesn’t get one – and also when you put the hoover on. Household appliances and housework aren’t really Rigby’s thing, but he does enjoy helping All Four Paws out every day on VIP dog business.

Rigby All Four Paws Cocker Spaniel pet-friendly guru

A seasoned All Four Paws’ employee (he won employee of the month last month – well done, Rigby), he doesn’t quite have his own desk and chair – just his own sofa – but he has literally travelled everywhere with us. He’s been at the forefront of our pet-friendly movement, and even made our initial home office dog-friendly, pioneering the way. He runs out to every venue we visit eagerly, and is the very best critic, sniffing out every nook and cranny, tasting every biscuit and sleeping in every bed to make sure your pet-friendly experience meets his standards.

Stay up-to-date on Rigby news, adventures and pawings; from his latest accreditations, to his favourite spots to eat, rest and play, with our newsletter. Rigby knows it all!

Rigby’s day to day antics can be found on Instagram at @rigbytheenglishspaniel, and his pet-friendly pawings on @allfourpawshq.

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