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The rise (and rise!) of pet-friendly venues

Specially designed doggy dinners, pet concierges and a super plush bed of course...

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pet-friendly venues
There’s nothing worse than the prospect of having to leave your pet behind while you go on holiday or away for a few days. To us, our four-legged friends are just as much a part of the family as anyone else (if not more…!), so with this in mind it’s joyous to see all things pet-friendly becoming much more of ‘thing’ and less of a ‘it would be great if’.

The rise of pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly restaurants and other pet-friendly venues is to be applauded, and in a lot of cases, the venues and their offerings are fantastic. Simply, it means there’s no need for your furry friend to stay behind, with these stylish, truly welcoming venues around the country being somewhere all members of the family will be right at home. It’ll be a great weight off your mind having your pooch right there with you.

The rise of pet-friendly has also led to more and more venues increasing their offerings for pets. Venues are taking serious time to factor in how best to accommodate our furry friends – which is music to our ears! It’s now not just about sleeping arrangements, but what food to provide, plus massages, spotify playlists and room service.

The Americans are teaching the Brits a thing or two about luxury pet hospitality, with thousands of hotels and resorts catering to the 65% of families who own a pet – and the 15 million who like to travel with them! Many hotels are offering pet concierges that give pets a special arrival. The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch hotel in Colorado even provides elaborate doggy room-service tailored to each dog’s age, and pups can choose between dessert options (do liver kisses or peanut butter cookies sound better?). Boutique hotel company, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, is also becoming known for its delicious, dribble-inducing, doggy menus at a number of hotels. They have no restrictions on number or size of pets, simply stating, “if your pet fits through the door, we’ll welcome them in.”

pet-friendly venues Kimpton

Closer to home, hotels like The Milestone in London’s affluent Kensington are paving the way for deluxe pet-friendly options. Their doggy menus include sending owners a preference form pre-arrival to ensure pets are well catered for in advance!

Overlooking Cornwall’s popular surfing beach, the Watergate Bay Hotel offers guests and canine companions the chance to experience the spectacular two mile beach together. Owners are given a dog manual on arrival and dogs are welcome in the majority of the hotel’s areas, including in the Beach Hut and Living Space. In the beautiful Cotswolds, Dormy House has three lovely dog-friendly rooms – very comfy too – that have access to their own courtyard. Dogs are more than welcome and there are even special doggy walking routes in the grounds.

pet-friendly venues

A special woof-out goes to the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, who have their very own chief of staff, Oliver Beckington. Very handsome and stoic in his hotel duties, Oliver is a lovely pup who embodies the hotel’s commitment to being a dog-friendly destination. The hotel offers a fabulous range of Mungo & Maud products and treats – just ask at reception.

Excitingly, it’s not just the hotels becoming more pet-friendly

pet-friendly venues Bellanger
. The UK has seen a spike in the number of restaurants now offering dogs a place at the table. Dog’s gotta eat too, right? While traditional pubs will usually always have space for four-legged friends, restaurants like Bellanger in London’s Islington offer special handmade, gluten-free biscuits – only the best for your pooch. Across town in Chelsea, The BlueBird Cafe has even had a pop-up offering al fresco gourmet dinners (all three courses) for ‘posh pooches’, including doggy gelato. Edinburgh’s restaurant crowd has also joined the dog-friendly brigade with popular French Cafe Tartine offering plenty of room for hungry pooches.

Pet-friendly is certainly on the rise and these increased options are great news for all animal lovers who are tired of leaving their best friend behind. While we encourage yet more venues to pop up, we’ll send our very own furry guru, Rigby, to sniff out the very best of the current pet-friendly offerings. We’re certain he won’t pass up a three course dinner!

For more information on these pet-friendly venues and so many more, make sure to check out our pet-friendly venues.

Image credits: Banner and Photo 2 – Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants; Photo 3 – Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire; Photo 4 – Corbin & King

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