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The secret life of cats

Your very own Jekyll and Hyde

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It’s 8pm. Do you know where your kitty is? As connoisseurs of comfort, chances are your cat is cuddled up next to you on the sofa, but at this time of night all bets are on them starting to sniff around, noses to the catflap sizing up the night, planning their nocturnal frolics and sussing out where to slink off to. Yes, even the doziest daytime moggy turns into the stealthiest, most mysterious and wide-eyed creature when night draws in – or so they’d like us to believe. But when they come in, wind still bristling through their fur, tail still twitching from defending their territory and go straight to sleep from exhaustion, we have to ask ourselves: what have they been up to?

There’s definitely another side to our contented kitties; wildness flows through their veins. Some consider the latest craze in collar GPS trackers to be the answer – but while these might show us where our furry friends go, they don’t show us the mischief they get up to. One cat owner’s dramatic GPS tracker video certainly shows the three mile route their cat took during one night (resting for only eight minutes!) but the video doesn’t tell us what this little kitty really did.

what cats do at night

We can only play guessing games from the clues they bring back; those little bits of bush stuck to their tails, sticky seeds stuck to their collars, chunks of mud on their paws, strange smells clinging to their fur and even fuller tummies than they left with! Cats often have their own private life, but all cat lovers hate to think of their beloved furry friend visiting neighbours for treats. Surely they wouldn’t be so…catty?

More likely a scenario is your cat is protecting your house and home with a ‘mi casa es su casa’ mentality. Loveable softy by day but tough rogue by night, there’s no doubt that your cat dons a suit of armour and becomes a ferocious guardian of your garden, puffing themselves up to three times the size at even the slightest noise, ready to fight for honour and glory! Or biscuits – the line blurs. And there’s nothing shameful about breaking up a couple of squabbling cats at 2am in your dressing gown, arms flailing. No shame there at all, we hear.

Or your cat could have made some friends. Probably not along the same adorable lines as one of the many unlikely animal friendship videos scattered around the internet, which sees cats adopting animals like rats and chicks, but friends nonetheless. Cats have a fascination with owls, bats and moths and will stare at them for hours, taking note of every hoot and every swish of wings. Like moths are drawn to a flame, cats are drawn to moths. Many cats like to practice their gymnastic skills with moths; jumping, pirouetting, turning and pivoting in the air like the latest talent at Sadler’s Wells. This is partly why they’re so worn out when you see them in the morning.

We’ll be checking in with resident All Four Paws cat, Frankie, to see what he and his furry friends get up to at night time. We’re sure he’ll report back with tales of chivalry and bravery, and not one mention of the delicious leftovers found in the neighbours’ bins after dark.

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