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Style tips from the #catsofinstagram

Ensure your cat stays a paw ahead

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catsofinstagram Frankie
There’s a reason it’s called the catwalk and not the humanwalk. Cats exude a certain style that people just can’t replicate. What other animal can walk away, dignified, from an afternoon of squishing themselves under a radiator in search of the hottest pipe in the house quite like our purry friends? If you needed further proof, look to Instagram. Instagram is the perfect place to indulge in everything feline. After a quick scan of some of Instagram’s favourite cats, it’s easy to get inspired by the type of accessories you can pamper your moggy with.

London’s Street Cat Named Bob has knitwear absolutely covered. Bob and his owner, James, have risen from busking in Covent Garden to film stardom. Bob’s knitted scarves could be something of an inspiration project for keen knitters. Harry Potter-esque, urban cats will appreciate the added warmth.

Catsofinstagram Fin for the Win
The Japanese cats of Instagram sparkle in embellished collars, often buttoned with jewels and delicate beads. A cute, shabby chic style take-away is decorating your cat’s collar with a pearl-like bell and little charms. Try this one by ShabbyTabbyShop. If collars feel so passe, take inspiration from green-eyed cat, Fin, from #finforthewin. Fin and her not-so-cool brother, Sawyer, model fetching bowties. Something else that could easily be turned into a craft project, these are surprisingly chic and remarkably sturdy.

Cat houses are especially tempting to invest in. Some feline Instagram stars live in houses shaped like shark jaws, but there are decor-friendly cat houses that double as play tunnels. Recycled wood houses have a nice, polished finish and can sit out of the way – or be the centrepiece – in any room. And while it can be argued that a cat makes any room marvellous, some cats of Instagram manage to make even cat scratchers look marvellous. Often too practical in their design, there are some very stylish scratchers out there. Mungo & Maud have released a lovely blue flower version which would not look out of place in a lounge or kitchen. Or next to the radiator, next to the hot pipe…

catsofinstagram Mungo & Maud


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