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dog's winter essentials

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Your Dog’s Winter Essentials for Home & Holiday

Keep pooch snug on winter walks and more with our favourite seasonal warmers


With the colder months drawing in, keeping pooch snug and warm is a top priority for all dog owners. Whether you’re staying at home this winter or treating pup to a winter break, cold paws will appreciate the extra warmth. Dog-friendly winter essentials can split into two main categories; items for everyday staycations and items for true winter weather, made for sporty pups who love to ski and snuffle through snow. Here are our favourite essentials that will transform pup from sleek to chic.

Bundle up! Pup’s everyday winter essentials

Blustery walks, countryside weekends, visiting family and bounding through frosty hedgerows all require bundling up. Perfect for pup’s winter wardrobe this season is Fetch & Follow’s Sherpa Fleece – we love the green and orange zip. It’s lightweight and fluffy with a water-resistant polyester microfiber lining that’s easy to slip on and off. Also from Fetch & Follow is their Colour Block Knitted Jumper in navy and yellow. This cosy merino lambswool sweater will enable pup to go from daywear to nightwear with ease – its cable knit, turtlenecked and the talk of the town.

dog's winter essentials

Ruffwear’s Dog Boots for everyday paw protection can be perfectly paired with the fleece or the jumper. These booties are great for pups who love spending time running through woods and fields. If your pup is later in life, these are also perfect for slipping on once the days turn chillier, as old paws can feel the cold ground a little more. The traction and paw protection help protect delicate pads from cold earth and abrasive surfaces like logs and thorns while the weather-resistant outer layers block the wet seeping through after a hard day’s exploring.

dog's winter essentials

To finish off pup’s everyday countryside manor look, we love Lish’s Stepney Pull-On Neck Warmer in grey. These lovely neck warmers run from small (for a Daxi or Chihuahua) to extra-large (Great Dane proportions) and have an old school, Harry Potter vibe to them. Hand knitted from pure wool, they easily and safely slip on over pup’s neck to keep the chill off. Quidditch anyone?

We all appreciate a good sit down once we’re back inside from the cold and pooch is no exception. Barbour’s ever-so-comfy Tartan Wax Dog Bed is pawfect for slumbers, featuring waxed cotton exterior and classic tartan with a completely removable and washable cushion.


Winter essentials for ski trips and winter hiking

If you’re planning to take pup away to extra cold climes, then you’ll need a few items that are even sturdier. Ruffwear’s The Quinzee is an extra warm and carefully insulated dog coat that’s made for the great outdoors. It has side buckles for easy wearing, a stretchy spandex blend gusset and can be stuffed into small spaces for super convenient stow.

dog's winter essentials

For catching forty winks on the trail, Ruffwear’s Highlands Bed can fit into a backpack with plenty of room to spare. It will provide pup with plenty of insulation and warmth from harsh surfaces and fierce colds. Add a Highlands Pad into the bed’s sleeve for an extra snuggly feel in extreme weather.

Provide Fido with some additional, home-away-from-home comfort with Bowl & Bone’s Dog Blanket NAP in grey that inspires well-deserved rest and blissful sleep. Soft and delicate to touch, it is the perfect accompaniment to all weather escapades and fits well into travelling gear.

Water-loving pups rejoice. Barbour’s Microfibre Towel is lightweight enough to carry out exploring every day and good looking enough to want to use it yourself. Made from quick-dry fabric that can be easily rinsed and dried, the lovely green colour will get pup’s tail wagging in no time.

‘Tis the season to be jolly cold. But with a little extra padding here and there, and a couple of fleecy flourishes, pup won’t notice the difference and will love strutting new outfits in the great outdoors.

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